17 January, 2009

Brew Sessions: British Pub Ale

We've been working at this for six hours. So what the hell have we been doing? Mal started us off with a couple of glorious breakfast sangwiches from Shank's & Evelyn's: eggs, cheese, potatoes and Italian sausage on the loveliest roll these hands have ever held. Our hunger sated, we set to the task at hand: brewing ten gallons of British pub ale.

Did we say ten gallons? It ended up closer to eight. This was our first all-grain brew in almost four years, a situation necessitated by our living arrangements. We've been warming up with extract brews, but it's comparing boxed cake mix to your mom's from-scratch orange sponge cake: there's nothing like the real thing. Anyway, it'll take us a few sessions to get back into the swing of things. In the meantime, we'll be anticipating our first beer of the new year: British pub ale. Here are some pictures from the day, courtesy of Brother Mal.

The mash temperature: just right

It's a-boilin', all right. The neighbors must love us.

The rather elaborate chilling apparatus

Let the yeast run free!

The beer is now nestled all snug in its beds...


Lou said...

Hey that looks like you got a great brew going there - that yeast starter looks tasty! I helped a bud ease into brewing on Friday eve with an extract Amber Ale - the baby is doing fine and making lots of bubbles!
I wish I would be able to break away from Mom's boxed-cake but I just don't have the room for all that gear (plus I'm not sure if my "roommates" would appreciate all that stuff!). Maybe one day my ultimate dream will be realized...

Brother Lou

Tim said...

Brother Lou - you are truly an Ale Ambassador!

I didn't mean to denigrate extract brewing in my post. I'd guess that most homebrewers use extract, and I know from experience - your Cherry Wheat, for one - that the right hands can turn extract into damn fine beer!

I have a tendency to get obsessive with this sort of thing, hence the cake-mix comments. In the future I'll try to be more circumspect in my musings...