29 December, 2010


Walking past the now defunct Spaghetti Warehouse (I was sure that it would be the next ironic place for people to go for cheap drinks, alas) I saw one of them bright orange liquor license placards in the window. The name on the transfer read "Union Transfer LLC." Couldn't find anymore info on teh intertubes, but I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the new owners do something a little more interesting than a family feedbag establishment. Perhaps the building could be restored to its former usage as a farmer's market; or perhaps a brewpub could take advantage of the ample space and high ceilings. Lord knows that Spring Garden east of Broad needs something. Let us pray.

UPDATE: Union Transfer LLC shares a registered address with 4 Corners Management, the company behind such establishments as Lucy's Hat Shop and the assorted Drinkers Taverns. So Spring Garden east of Broad will be getting something ... just probably not something interesting.

16 December, 2010

Tonight: DBBD Firkin at Fork n' Barrel

Holy crap! This collaboration between Dogfish + Del Borgo + Baladin sounds amazing! I'll let the folks from Fork & Barrel tell the rest of the story:
We have one of 5 FIRKINS that came into the country from Italy. This is a special collaboration brew between dogfish head, baladin, and del borgo. It is a sample of what is to come (March) in the brewpub in Manhattan called EATALY. $6 a glass.
Oh and they're also doing a food drive for Philabundance. 
Nice! Now I need to check the bus schedule out to East Falls...

Check out the rest of the details after the jump.

01 December, 2010

Luna di Miele

I was married on October 16th. The next evening my wife (still feels novel to type that word) and I boarded a plane to Rome. We spent two weeks in Italy traveling by train and bus. We ate our way from Rome to Turin (where we somehow survived a seven hours long gorge-fest at Slow Food's Salone del Gusto); from Turin to Bologna; Bologna to Montella (including a marathon lunch prepared by Amanda's relatives); Montella to Abruzzo; and finally from Abruzzo back to Rome. We encountered so much good food/beer/wine/hospitality. Here are some pictures (food/beer/wine related) from our trip. Cheers!