03 February, 2009

I'm moving to within spitting distance of Memphis Taproom!

In Mid-March (or "Middle March" or "The Ides" or however you call it) Amanda and I will be moving to a 2 bedroom rowhome in that section of the Kensington District of Philadelphia known by some as Port Fishington.

In short time I'll be able to walk a half block to the Taproom and order a half-pint, or maybe even a whole pint if I feel like it. We hope to be moved in sometime during Philly Beer Week. Woot!

Speaking of Memphis Taproom: we were there last week for a late dinner and I noticed a change on the menu. The Kielbasy Hoagie has morphed into a Kielbasy Grinder. It now comes with gruyere, sauerkraut and russian dressing on a long roll. It was no less delicious and I was no more able to finish it than before. Sampled the Twisted Thistle IPA from Belhaven. Thistle was not used in the brewing of this cloudy, golden beer. They did use hops and malt though. The hops gallop out at first sip but then the malt catches up. A well balanced beer.

I'm thinking I should look into direct-depositing some of my paycheck each week straight into Memphis Taproom's bank account. That would save the processing fees...and some paper.


Leigh@MT said...

Welcome to the block! I will forward you appropriate forms and bank routing numbers. Looking forward to seeing lots of you soon!

Tender said...

Grand News. Congrats, spirits, and bennigans!

The sun shall rise much clearer from there over the boundless new jersey Verizon.

Tim said...

I hope you have a comfortable couch.

Julie said...

yaaaay! I am way psyched for you guys. that's a mighty spiffy GIS map, too.

Malachy said...

thanks! now who's going to help us move? *cue silence*