16 February, 2009

drawnk: Session Beer Project Logo

Beer scribe Lew Bryson has a blog dedicated to session beers:

"SBP was started in January of 2007 by beer writer Lew Bryson for two reasons. First, to spread the word about session beers so more people could enjoy them. Second, to better Lew's chances of finding good session beers to drink."

What makes a session beer?
  • under 4.5% alcohol by volume
  • flavorful enough to be interesting -- no light beers, please
  • balanced enough for multiple pints
  • conducive to conversation
  • reasonably priced
A couple weeks ago he sent out an open call for a logo design for the movement. Now, I love me some session beers (Sly Fox O'Reilly's Stout, Yards Brawler, Kenzinger, Philly Pale, etc) so I decided to give it a go and these are the results:

Preliminary sketches:

These were my original ideas. I submitted the second one and Lew got back to me and gave me some feedback; which resulted in the final version below:

Lew still hasn't chosen a logo yet (I think he's still receiving submissions). I had fun working on this and I'm happy with the final result. Now it's up to the fates (i.e. Lew himself) to decide.
Check out his facebook group for SBP...if that's what you're into.


Tim said...

I like your entry the best - but then, I'm biased...

Malachy said...

youre biased AND you have extremely good taste.

Anonymous said...

Great job, I liked the final design a lot. Personally though, I would gone with dancing beers and candy bars - everybody loves dancing beers and candy bars.

Brendan said...

Nice, but you gotta feel for Hitler, that was probably his last chance at turning his 'image' around.

Jessica at work said...

Glorgeous! Stunderful!

adeeba said...

i love it!! love your style! now i know a go-to designer in case i need me some design-ing. :)