19 January, 2011

Number One Gastropub in Tri-State Area

Came across this listing for an executive chef on craigslist...

If you are the greatest thing since fermentation, if your food can outpace the world's greatest beers, we have a professional position for you.

You will head up the restaurant back of house operations preparing award winning food at a fair price with speedy courteous service. You will develop half the menu and the other half of the menu will be our proven successful recipes you will perfectly execute. You will manage kitchen P&L and get perfect scores on Health Inspections.

You can get in at the very beginning helping select the perfect equipment for an already built out location to ensure we are the number one Gastro pub in the Tri State Area. 

Wonder who's behind this project...and where the "already built out location" is...
And also what the heck does "food that can outpace the world's greatest beers" mean?

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