08 March, 2010

When things should work but don't work

That's the work of ... the PLCB.*

I don't have a lot to say about the Memphis Taproom/Local 44/Resurrection Ale House raids, that hasn't already been said. You should read what Joe Sixpack said here, what Lew Bryson said here and what Bryan Kolesar said here. And, of course, I can't forget the estimable Mr. Jack Curtin's Liquid Diet post on the topic.

So in case all, like, 19 of you haven't heard about this already -- check out those links above, and revel in the glory of Pennsylvania's Kafka-esque bureaucracy.

If you read this Brog you know that we are big fans of what Brendan & Leigh are doing at their bars. Although we don't know Brendan & Leigh except as satisfied customers of their fine establishments, we wish them the best.

* Apologies to the Evens


Anonymous said...

Confiscate beer, tax soda. Oh, Yeah! Isn't corrupt, big government great? Next they'll be taxing or confiscating pork belly. Welcome to Pennsylvania!

Tim said...

I'm actually in favor of that soda tax. Pork belly on the other hand... give me my bacon or give me death!

Seriously, though, I don't want this thread to start looking like the philly.com comments section. I want to keep this mostly on-topic and free of larger political agendas. Comments will be closely moderated to that end.