28 April, 2009

Gland Slam

Tonight I paired homemade pizza (potato & margherita; dough courtesy Sarcone's) and a Kenzinger with the Phils 7-1 victory over the Nati'nals. Beer, pizza and 7 Philadelphia runs make for a most pleasant fake summer evening in '09.

Also, got to enjoy a Kenzinger (or two) at the homerun derby/game against the Nats on Monday. One of the best games I've seen in person. Ra-oooooooooooooooooool!!!


Tender said...

yeah, i was at that monday night derby fest.

2 grand slams

dollar swine night

where did you sit?

i was in 430

Malachy said...

i was on the councourse of the 100 level behind home plate (around section 122/3). stood the whole game but had a great view...
dollar swine flu.